My Cactus

You got to understand that you cannot own people.

Even your breath is not yours, your life neither. It may seem to be ironic, but that hand you’re holding right there is not yours and never will be yours. It’s somebody else’s hand and it can be taken away from you without you being aware of it.

Do not cage and own people. Cactus are better with hands off than you touching it. Consider relationship as one.

Embrace it with space.


Everything is a reflection

What we do, is a reflection of our character. What we say is a reflection of what we think. What we show is a reflection of what we feel.

Everything has its own compliment and know that every shadow you cast is something that you personally own.

Whether it may be good or bad that you impart, you own it. It’s a reflection of you – as a person.

Whatever you may be receiving from others is their refelction of their affection towards you.

Life is like starring in a mirror without blinking, you can see the real and true detail of everything, but then you will end up hurting your eyes.

Live and Reflect Positivity.

I’ll be leaving

As soon as I saw myself gone from the past. I know I’ll be leaving the present soon enough.

I’ll be heading to the future clueless but not heartless.

And right after I get to see what my purpose is, that’ll be the time, God is in front of me saying : welcome home my child.

Ecstatic Scene.

I have been gone

It’s been months now and I have noticed a lot of changes around me. Well, that doesn’t only apply to my environment but also to my self. I’ve been clueless and ignorant of what’s happening and what may happen. Maybe it’s because I haven’t let myself to be involved anymore or either maybe I wasn’t just interested. I can’t remember when was the last time I became so excited of doing something. The vigor in me has vanished and my thought now is “Where did it go?”.

Am I lost?

Or its just that I have been gone from my own home – my self.